Tips to Get the Best Engagement Ring for Your Fiancee

Many guys are actually feeling dread when shopping for the perfect engagement ring for their fiancee. But this should not be the case. All you have to do is arm yourself with the right amount of knowledge on how to choose a perfect engagement ring for your fiancee. Actually, choosing the best ring should be an exciting endeavor since it will be the symbol of your ardent desire to marry the woman of your dreams.

Here are important tips that you must follow in finding a unique ring.

First, choose the right band. Bands are the circular part of the engagement ring. Ring bands are often gold, platinum, or silver but there are also others that are combinations of two or more metals. Choose a band that fits your lady’s sense of style. When you choose a gold band, you can opt for lighter yellow colors or less-pure gold with 10 to 14 karats. You may also choose white gold which is purposely mixed with other metals to achieve a stunning off-white color. Gaining popularity today are platinum unique engagement rings that have a strong and shiny finish. Platinum bands are more resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Second, pick the right gemstone and setting. A ring’s setting is the piece that holds the gemstone to the ring, which can either be pronged or invisible. Platinum setting paired to the gold band is one of the most famous choice because of the stunning contrast it produces. When it comes to the choice of the gemstone, you have plenty of options. Diamond is the most common choice because of its value. But today, more and more unique gemstones are used such as cubic zirconia or birthstone gems.

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Third, make sure to choose the right size. This is the most important tip on how to choose a perfect engagement ring for your fiancee that every guy should know, but the most difficult to sort out. Of course, you won’t ask her finger’s size because it will surely defeat the purpose of having a surprised proposal. Don’t fret, there are other proven ways. You can sneak out a ring that she uses and have a jeweler figure out its size. Or you may make a good guess of her ring size through an eyeball approach. The average ring size is 7. See if your fiancee’s ring is either smaller or bigger that the average size.

Fourth, buy from a trusted jeweler. Being expensive doesn’t always mean quality service and enjoyable shopping experience. Always look for jewelry shops that you’re comfortable shopping at, with friendly staff, and helpful people. It’s understandable when you’re nervous in getting the right ring. But a friendly advice from people who are dealing with people like you everyday can make you feel at ease and confident.

Purchasing the perfect engagement ring for your fiancee should be an enjoyable experience for you. Simply follow the important tips mentioned above and you’re on your way to getting the “Yes!” from the woman you’ll be sharing your life with for the rest of your life. By choosing the right band, picking the right setting and gemstone, choosing the right size, and buying from a trusted store are only some of the proven ways to have a perfect ring for your woman. Consider these and make your dream wedding come true.